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Creative Director Bio

Creative Director  |  CHAZ A. JORDAN


Chaz A. Jordan is an American-born designer who has created his own unique way of living & moving through the world. Exposed early on to heritage luxury brands & international travel experiences by his grandmother, his design sensibilities have been refined since a young age.


JORDAN LAUNCHED HIS CAREER IN FASHION IN 2011 WHILE WORKING AT RSVP GALLERY (OWNED BY VIRGIL ABLOH AND DON C). During a formative stint in design, he launched his first official brand while living in Paris at 22, where he learned the history of the coveted industry, its savior faire, & couturiers, many nights sleeping in his studios. At 24, he shuttered this initial brand + launched a completely new line, which grew quickly into a celebrity & insider favourite, expanding into 200 doors globally. These experiences in the logistics of globalization, the value of strong vendor relationships, + the structure of doing efficient, clean business, have all brought him back to his initial passion: to share the world as he sees it, with those who share his passions & tastes.


Bringing these points back home, Jordan’s design passions are now focused & tastefully realized through the lens of LAUNDERED WORKS CORP., a multi-disciplinary design workshop; his automotive passions recur through organized rally-experiences, partnered with McClaren & Aston Martin; with his cultural passions being brought forth through art commissions for past collections, to continued fine artist patronage & collaborations. His relentless pursuit of designing every aspect of his life is eclipsed only by his passion for quality craft & respect, giving him a clear voice to speak to a refreshed standard of luxury living across the continents.

Company Bio


LAUNDERED WORKS CORP (hereafter shorthanded , LAUNDERED™) is a multi-disciplinary design studio , specializing in high quality and luxury design products. A well-backed passion project of creative director Chaz A. Jordan , LAUNDERED is the culmination of his near-decade of brand building & precision in the fashion industry to create a unique invitation to the world as he sees it. Building on the Creative Director’s strengths in understated design , craftsmanship & structural stability , materials for LAUNDERED are hand-selected by him through long-time vendor relationships in Italy , France , & Japan. Keeping attention to detail paramount , collections from LAUNDERED are developed in small batches to create a collective whole. These smaller batches allow for more time spent defining & refining each piece. With production in the hands of trusted high-end partners in the U.S. , France and Italy , LAUNDERED will maintain the consistency of quality compositions expected from a luxury-designer label. What follows are curated releases from LAUNDERED of garments & design objects , as well as limited-access experiences on par with the global lifestyle of Jordan and his team.


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