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Creative Director Bio

Creative Director  |  CHAZ A. JORDAN


Chaz A. Jordan is an American-born designer who has created his own unique way of living & moving through the world. Exposed early on to heritage luxury brands & international travel experiences by his grandmother, his design sensibilities have been refined since a young age.


JORDAN LAUNCHED HIS CAREER IN FASHION IN 2011 WHILE WORKING AT RSVP GALLERY (OWNED BY VIRGIL ABLOH AND DON C). During a formative stint in design, he launched his first official brand while living in Paris at 22, where he learned the history of the coveted industry, its savior faire, & couturiers, many nights sleeping in his studios. At 24, he shuttered this initial brand + launched a completely new line, which grew quickly into a celebrity & insider favourite, expanding into 200 doors globally. These experiences in the logistics of globalization, the value of strong vendor relationships, + the structure of doing efficient, clean business, have all brought him back to his initial passion: to share the world as he sees it, with those who share his passions & tastes.


Bringing these points back home, Jordan’s design passions are now focused & tastefully realized through the lens of LAUNDERED WORKS CORP., a multi-disciplinary design workshop; his automotive passions recur through organized rally-experiences, partnered with McClaren & Aston Martin; with his cultural passions being brought forth through art commissions for past collections, to continued fine artist patronage & collaborations. His relentless pursuit of designing every aspect of his life is eclipsed only by his passion for quality craft & respect, giving him a clear voice to speak to a refreshed standard of luxury living across the continents.

Company Bio


LAUNDERED WORKS CORP. (hereafter shorthanded, ‘LAUNDERED’) is a multi-disciplinary design workshop, specializing in elevated product & experience design. A well-backed passion project of creative director Chaz A. Jordan, LAUNDERED is the culmination of his near-decade of brand building & precision in the fashion industry to create a unique invitation to the world as he sees it.

Building on his strengths in considered design and quality, materials for LAUNDERED are hand-selected by Jordan through long-time vendor relationships in Italy, France, & Japan. Keeping attention to detail paramount, collections are developed in smaller batches around 15 pieces or objects. These smaller batches allow for more time spent refining each piece. With production centered with trusted high-end partners in France, Italy, & Portugal, LAUNDERED will maintain the consistency of quality compositions you would expect from a couture-industry wunderkind.


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